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Many mobile RPGs these days limit customization mostly to changes and appearances in new skills learned.

World of Warcraft I play world of warcraft for years and I will never stop playing I have 4 level,85 now and they own, world of warcraft can't be stopped cause no game would be better than this game!

Great for people who seek nice graphics, excitement and a lot less 14 year olds running around calling each other nub and other more unfriendly names Ho! My neighbor made my account for me when I was 8 and I've been playing for 5 years and I enjoy it! You can do quests, train levels, talk to other players. YOu get different types of champions and there are no money benefits, that's why I love it BEST GAME EVER, there are over millions of people playing this game( doesn't mean everything) they won a lot of awards and they are the best pc game IN THE WORLD( my opinion) I adore this game!

The community though is really bad this game would be a lot better if people would leave other people alone.

You need to eat drink repair dungeons quests armor mounts 1 big world love it This game lacks the overall story offered by FFXI but finishes on top by having far better gameplay and combat variety, many games lack this, combat is what you will be doing for 90% of you time on any level based game.

Other games seem pointless when a RCE allows you to actually gain real life value for your gaming. Forget about your life if you start playing this game League Of Legends I love this game, it requires skill, but after a fews games you will actually learn to play and enjoy it.

Games like World of Warcraft, Guild Wars, Lineage, and more filled gaming news and chats, The advent of mobile devices, as well as the rise of MOBAs (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), have mostly pushed MMORPGs to the sidelines.

As smartphones become more powerful, Internet access move ubiquitous, and mobile users mode engaged, MMORPGs have started to make a comeback, but on a smaller screen and with somewhat fewer controls.

I do love the game play, the characters, the lore, and the skins I have probably spent a lot on this game laugh out loud but totally worth it!

I hope it gets higher up on the list because at least the creators do a lot for their players even taking skin ideas from fan arts!

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The two sides have endured countless invasions, and the world has found an uneasy peace on the brink of collapse, as each belligerent alignment seeks total domination over the increasingly more valuable Black Gold.

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