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News' Carissa Culiner he's ready for's the right woman, saying, "I'm not going to settle down, I'm going to settle up." He continued, "I don't have a reason to behave myself or go home early, and that gets me in trouble sometimes, so I'm looking for a reason to behave myself.she can't try to hinder my good times and what not, that's no good."So what is he looking for in a woman? Set in the Big Easy, the new show will give viewers inside access into the sophisticated Creole culture of the city, focusing on an exclusive community filled with tradition and legacy.

When he’s into you, a Southern man will think you’re the most fascinating and intelligent woman on earth… “You have to accept the other woman in his life: his Mama.will follow the 37-year-old as he travels to various cities across the country in the hopes of finding true love and a committed relationship, with friends in each location setting him up with women they feel might be the perfect partner for him.viewers have watched Shep date his way through Charleston for the last three years, but he told E!Being vulgar or playing hard to get with a vengeance won’t get you noticed by a Southern man. Southern men like soft voices and If impressing your Southern date is a top priority, learn a bit about where he comes from.“He has been taught to always follow the Southern unspoken rules of conduct,” Ford says. “Learn how to make a good plate of fried chicken and biscuits, or if you don’t cook, buy them ready made and serve on your favorite serving dish, but don’t tell! Some other suggestions: “Learn as much as you can about country music, and know the basics of NASCAR.” Though they’re relatively simple to please, Ford says there are some definite “don’ts” you should keep in mind when dating a Southern man: “Never insult his family, including the dog; no matter what old moss is clinging to the family tree, keep any criticisms to yourself because Southern men are fiercely protective of their families—regardless of how nutty their relatives may be,” she says.

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