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Snow White asks again, and this time Kaylin fiercely turns away and begins digging into her cheesy meal once again. Snow White can only laugh nervously, as she's likely never met a little girl who wasn't eager to greet her before.Snow White smiles brightly for the camera while Kaylin nervously glances over her shoulder as if to say 'is she still there? Since Katrell posted the original video to his Facebook page, nearly seven million people have tuned in to see Kaylin's hilarious stone-faced stare, and another 85,000 have shared the clip.'Kaylin is NOT impressed,' reads Katrell's caption.Less than three weeks later, Cattrall and Ross linked arms during the Party in the Garden benefit at the Museum of Modern Art.PHOTOS: See the Sex and the City cast in the '80s A Ross source tells Page Six "he has no agenda with Kim. He likes her." Friends describe Ross, who grew up on the Upper East Side, as "extraordinarily wealthy," "very low-key" and "private." He was recently linked to actress and artist Anh Duong, 51, and is currently divorcing his wife, Betsy Finkle.Titian's Diana: One of two paintings - Diana and Actaeon, and Diana and Callisto - being offered by the Duke of Sutherland to the National Galleries of Scotland and the National Gallery of London at £50million And Miss Cattrall features as Diana in the picture alongside art students from the Courtauld Institute and performers from the hit West End burlesque show La Clique. Just like the Greek goddess, she combines beauty with a sense of threat.'She was a great sport and at 52 made an amazing Diana.Sarah Jessica Parker, 47, has been married to Matthew Broderick, 50, since 1997.She is known for her role as Samantha Jones in the HBO romantic comedy series, Sex and the City (1998–2004), for which she received five Emmy Award nominations and four Golden Globe Award nominations, winning the 2002 Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress.

For me, childless is simply a word that describes an aspect of my life; it by no means defines who I am.

'Once she realizes Snow White isn't going anywhere any time soon, Kaylin stares straight ahead, her bright green eyes wide and her face frozen in a somber stare.'Look what she's doing with her face! But of course, hundreds of comments are impressed with Kaylin's iron will. Whether this little girl is just shy, or macaroni and cheese is her life's top priority, there is no denying the sheer power of Kaylin's adorable stare.

'Great job teaching her not to speak to strangers,' joked one comment. 'Others were more taken by Kaylin's deep commitment to macaroni and cheese.

I hear, he's a Mexican birthday party, and more people, like my friend Dave Martin and false.

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